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IHIE Will Resell Predixion’s Predictive Applications to Indiana Accountable Care Organizations and Hospitals 

San Juan Capistrano, CA and Indianapolis, Indiana – August 5, 2013 – Predixion Software, a developer of collaborative predictive analytics solutions, and the Indiana Health Information Exchange Inc. (IHIE) announced today a strategic partnership to jointly develop predictive health analytics solutions to be offered by IHIE to accountable care organizations (ACOs) and hospitals across Indiana. More than 90 of Indiana’s 120 hospitals are connected to IHIE, a private non-profit company, which is governed by a multi-institutional board of leaders from hospitals and health care stakeholders, as well as a data governance body with representation from healthcare providers, payers, state government and patients. The first module available from the collaboration will be Predixion Readmission Insight™, a predictive solution for reducing preventable hospital readmissions.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, as many as 48 percent of hospital readmissions are preventable. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services reports that 76 percent of hospital readmissions within 30 days are preventable. The potential savings associated with preventing readmissions is estimated to be $31 billion annually, making this a top priority among many ACOs and hospitals looking to cut costs.

The Predixion Readmission Insight solution will provide Indiana ACOs and hospitals with a risk stratification of its patients to help them determine proactive intervention opportunities. The risk stratification will be available as either a data feed or via a tablet-based thin client module leveraging Predixion’s “last mile of analytics” approach to solutions delivery. This module and others will be focused on the goals of improving patient outcomes and improving the patient experience while reducing costs.

Gaining insights from a 20 terabyte clinical database
IHIE, the nation’s leading health information exchange, maintains the country’s largest inter-organizational clinical data repository, the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), a statewide network that provides physicians with a “virtualized” longitudinal patient record to provide a better overall picture of a patient’s health. The INPC consists of more than 20 terabytes of data and 10 million unique patient records, handles over a million secure health transactions daily and contains three billion pieces of clinical data, 80 million radiology images, 50 million text reports and 750,000 EKG readings.

As part of the partnership agreement, Predixion and IHIE will use Predixion Enterprise Insight™, Predixion’s flagship predictive analytics platform, to develop new predictive applications aimed at further supporting the patient and business needs of Indiana ACOs and hospitals. The INPC database will fuel current and future Predixion solutions that IHIE will market to its customers.

 “As a health delivery organization that is rapidly expanding its accountable care business, we are finding that access to better forward-looking data analytics tools is essential,” said Dr. Dick Roskam, chief medical information officer for Franciscan Alliance, Inc., an IHIE client which serves patients in 13 hospitals and numerous medical practices in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. “To further improve both quality and cost outcomes, knowing what may happen to a particular patient or within a population of patients becomes paramount, compared to our traditional retrospective approach to data. Applying the science of predictive analytics to healthcare, especially when combined with Big Data, holds great promise for us.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with Predixion Software to make predictive healthcare solutions available to Indiana ACOs, hospitals and other stakeholders, enabling them to make better-informed decisions based on the analysis of massive amounts of pertinent patient data contained in the INPC,” said Curt Sellke, vice president of analytics for IHIE. “In conjunction with Predixion Software, we look forward to leveraging the INPC to develop and deploy predictive applications that enable physicians to reduce hospital readmissions, choose optimal therapies, reduce redundant testing and avoid drug-drug interactions, among other life-saving and efficiency-generating efforts.”

Added Mark McNally, Predixion vice president of business development, “The combined experience IHIE and its extensive network of participating hospitals has in sharing and utilizing data to improve patient care makes for ideal partners to assist in co-innovating high-value predictive healthcare solutions. Together we’ll be able to develop some truly exciting and cutting edge solutions for the healthcare industry. Our strategic relationship with IHIE is also a strong validation of Predixion’s vision that leading technology and data companies will be looking to embed predictive analytics offerings into their current product and service lines. We look forward to working with IHIE to make this new offering a wild success.”

About Predixion Enterprise Insight™
Predixion has created a world-class predictive platform for big data. Predixion Enterprise Insight is natively integrated with the Microsoft® BI stack, leverages Apache Mahout Algorithm libraries and is fully integrated with Microsoft SQL Server®, EMC® Greenplum® and Hadoop, with other analytic platforms on the way. An advanced deployment framework was designed to simplify the process of sharing models across an enterprise, automate predictions directly from source data to line-of-business applications and Predixion’s own thin client app for PCs and tablets, and eliminate complexity from the end user experience, resulting in self-service predictive analytics. 

About Predixion Software
Predixion Software is a disruptive predictive analytics software company with a unique focus on the last mile of analytics – the deployment of powerful predictions to the people who need to act upon them. Predixion offers an easy-to-deploy, self-service predictive analytics solution that allows customers to unlock deep insights within their data with technology that integrates with leading business intelligence platforms, business applications and clinical systems. More than 200 companies in 56 countries are now using Predixion Enterprise Insight. For more information visit us at

About the Indiana Health Information Exchange
Indiana Health Information Exchange Inc. is the nation’s largest health information exchange organization and responsible for securely delivering clinical information to assist with care coordination and improve patient outcomes for an area with a population of more than six million people. Through the Indiana Network for Patient Care™, IHIE is connecting more than 90 hospitals in Indiana, and more than 25,000 physicians across the country are enabled to receive electronic clinical messages via DOCS4DOCS®. Healthcare providers trust IHIE to deliver critical patient data when and where it is needed most. In addition to hospitals, IHIE also serves long-term care facilities, immediate care centers, public health centers, and freestanding labs and imaging centers. IHIE is a nonprofit corporation formed by the Regenstrief Institute, private hospitals, local and state health departments, BioCrossroads and other prominent organizations in Indiana. For more information, visit


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