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Training Videos & Tutorials
Installing Predixion Insight™ 4.0

Watch before starting the free trial. The short video outlines the easy install process for 4.0, the latest release of Predixion Insight™ with full functional integration of Open Source R.

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Introduction to Insight Now™ Ribbon

Watch our introduction to Predixion Software’s cloud-based predictive analytics solution focused on the “Insight Now” Ribbon, which gives analysts access to canned predictive models.

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Introduction to Insight Analytics™ Ribbon

Watch our introduction to Predixion Software’s cloud-based predictive analytics solution focused on the “Insight Analytics” Ribbon for more advanced predictive modeling.

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How to Connect to your Data

Watch our introduction to Predixion Software’s cloud-based predictive analytics solution focused on connecting to your data with Predixion Insight .

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Prepare and Explore your Data

Watch our introduction to Predixion Insight workbench where you can quickly prepare and explore your data..

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To learn how to combine multiple data sources, watch our more advanced data preparation video. 

Run and Deploy your First Analysis

Watch how simple it is to analyze data using Predixion Software

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Check out our other Tutorials on YouTube for more help.

On-Demand Webinars
Take the Guesswork Out of IoT Support with Predictive Maintenance

It used to be that you weren’t aware of your customer’s problems until they called you, and by then it was too late. Then the Internet of Things (IoT) era arrived, and by connecting your products you could try to proactively support your customers by estimating when a problem might occur. But, it still involved a lot of guesswork on your part. There really hasn’t been a way to do true predictive maintenance – knowing exactly when your parts will fail ahead of time – until now. This web seminar will explain how the use of Wind River® Helix™ Device Cloud with Predixion’s embedded edge analytics container enables you to securely connect your devices to the cloud and take all the guesswork out of support, today. 

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Predictive Insights – Turning Machine Data Into Intelligent Action

From Big Data to the Internet of Things, new market forces are creating a wealth of opportunities and some serious challenges in the information management space. The ubiquity of sensors and devices is not only generating tremendous volumes of data, but it’s doing so at a record pace. The key to deriving the most value from these streaming sources involves applying analytics as data is generated, and giving users the means to identify and predict operational results.

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Everything that Matters in Advanced Analytics 

Data is everywhere. Everyone and everything collects it. And the opportunity to do something with it has never been greater. Traditional BI and analytic approaches simply can’t deliver adequate return on the investments made to connect and collect what we have today – let alone prepare for what is coming done the pipe.

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Bringing Predictive Analytics to the Point of Care

This joint sponsored webinar, by Predixion and Microsoft, included Predixion customer, Jean Wright, MD MBA Chief Innovation Officer of Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS). Dr. Wright will discuss how she turned to our predictive analytics platform to solve a key challenge that many hospitals are facing today – the high cost of readmissions.

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Predictively Enabling Your Organization

Predixion hosted a thought-leadership event presented by James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions, an industry analytics expert and author. James discussed and shared practical tips on “Predictively Enabling Your Organization.”

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The Industrial Internet Powered by Predictive Analytics

Predixion Software hosted a special thought-leadership session in which Bill Ruh, CEO of GE Software, discussed “The Industrial Internet Powered by Predictive Analytics.” In the informative session, he covers: forces driving the industrial internet, how data and connectivity enable analytics, the power of actionable predictive insights at the decision point, and the ROI delivered in efficiencies, cost-savings, and risk avoidance.

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Succeeding with Predicitive Analytics on Big Data

A Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) Roundtable, brought to you by Predixion, as well as MicroStrategy and Actian.

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Access our Webinar/Presentation Archive here.

Existing Customers

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  • The Forums are where you connect with the Predixion user community and Predixion team members, ask questions and get answers.

  • Help Center
  • The Help Center gives you access to Predixion Insight™ online documentation for the tools, servers, and services to perform predictive analysis. Help is organized into sections that tell you about Predixion Insight capabilities, explain the concepts you need to understand when using Predixion Insight, and describe the wizards and other tools that you use to build predictive models.

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  • “Did You Know” series of short articles introduce you to the various features and best practices of Predixion Insight™. By reading these tips and tricks, you can get the most value out of Predixion Insight.

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  • The Predixion Insight™ SDK provides documentation and code samples for developers who want to create custom applications; automate model design, visualization, and scoring; automate common tasks, and retrieve results of Predixion jobs via ODBC.

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