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Predict and Act

With the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), data is everywhere. Everyone and everything collects it. But it’s what you do with that data that really matters. With advances in machine learning and analytics, it’s now possible to not just look in the rear view mirror at what happened, but also predict what could happen next and what you should do about it. We call it ‘Predict and Act’. A simple concept with powerful outcomes, including increasing revenue opportunities, minimizing risk, reducing costs and differentiating you from your competition.





Improve Outcomes
Gartner estimates that organizations that leverage predictive analytics in their business will increase profitability by an impressive 20%*. The potential payoff is heightened when you’re analyzing data from the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether you are in Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Transportation, Retail, Healthcare or other industries, you can:

  • optimize key business processes
  • preserve the value of your capital expenditures and equipment
  • automate actions
  • create new business opportunities

Predixon will help you find insights fast and enable your people to act on them before your competitors
do. *Gartner Press Release, January 16,2014.

Predixion is the only Predictive Analytics Solution that can Embed in the Cloud, at the Gateway or Directly on the Device.


On device, in real time
  • Alerts on both connected & disconnected devices
  • Act before costly failures occur
  • Automate corrective actions and efficiency optimizations


At Aggregation point
  • Ideal when on-device deployment less feasible
  • Avoid time lag and data ‘blind spots’
  • Quickly and efficiently schedule local services


At centralization point
  • Enables a broad view to cost optimize across the business
  • Uncover business opportunities
  • Create new processes and policies
Why Predixion Software?

We launched the first cloud-based predictive analytics platform in 2010. Now, we are the only company focused entirely on enabling real-time, predictive analytics from the Internet of Things (IoT).


Create value from your data in record time. Skilled data science experts – ours or yours – use our innovative and open platform to create predictive insights from your IoT data, so you can realize immediate results.


Run predictive models anywhere—in the cloud, at the gateway, or even on the device. Our patent-pending technology is the only predictive analytics software with this level of flexibility and portability.


Get predictive insights where and when you need them. We focus on embedding the results where they are most actionable – whether that is in an existing application, data store, dashboard – or even alerting directly on a device.

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