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User Interface
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Can Effective End User Interface Design Really Accelerate the Adoption of Predictive Analytics in Healthcare? I believe the answer is “ABSOLUTELY!”

Predictive Analytics  are a powerful tool; of that there can be no doubt. However, like any tool, it only serves a purpose if it fulfills a useful function and almost as importantly is easy–to-use in fulfilling that purpose. For example, I can use a rock to drive a nail into a board, but the rock is hard to hold, difficult to use gently, easily breakable, etc. Ease of use for any tool means being able to complete a  task as easily as possible, with minimum frustration, every single time.  The same concept applies to the user interface (UI) of a seriously powerful tool like predictive analytics. The UI has to be effortless and intuitive, particularly if the end user is not a “super-user” and instead is a mere mortal who has  many other things to do in their busy life (like most of us!).

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