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James Taylor publishes new white paper detailing five steps to embedding predictive analytics into today’s business intelligence and analytic solutions

Boston, MA – September 30, 2013
Predixion Software today launched an OEM program aimed at embedding its award-winning collaborative predictive analytics solutions into today’s business intelligence and software ecosystems. The announcement was made at Predictive Analytics World, where Predixion is demonstrating its predictive analytics solutions in booth #328.

Predixion’s enterprise-class, extensible, predictive analytics platform was designed to support the needs of an embedded customer. From its Excel-based modeling environment, to its one button “Insight Now” predictions, Predixion Software has led the way in taking predictive analytics to the masses by abstracting complexity and empowering a new generation of business analysts to become predictive analysts.

“We recognize the opportunity to embed Predixion’s predictive analytics into existing software ecosystems as an ideal and faster way to empower more users with our advanced technology,” said Mark McNally, Predixion Vice President of Business Development. “From entry-level development servers for initial deployments to all-you-can-eat OEM licenses or for the custom-revenue share models in between, Predixion can craft a turn-key engagement that works for any technology vendor looking to embed predictive analytics into their offerings.”

Embedding Predictive Health Analytic Solutions

The Indiana Health Information Exchange Inc. (IHIE) is working with Predixion to embed predictive health analytics solutions to be offered by IHIE to accountable care organizations (ACOs) and hospitals across Indiana. Predixion and IHIE are using Predixion Enterprise Insight™, Predixion’s flagship predictive analytics platform, to develop new predictive applications aimed at further supporting the patient and business needs of Indiana ACOs and hospitals. The first module available from the collaboration will be Predixion Readmission Insight™, a predictive solution for reducing preventable hospital readmissions.

Five Steps to Embedding Predictive Analytics

James Taylor, CEO of Data Management Solutions, a leading provider of decision management, predictive analytics and business rules services, has published a new white paper, Becoming Predictive: 5 Steps to Embed Predictive Analytics in your Software. In the white paper, sponsored by Predixion Software, Taylor provides invaluable recommendations for enterprise software product managers pursuing new ways to leverage and extend their product’s functionality with embedded predictive analytics. Taylor also provides five steps to embedding predictive analytics into today’s business intelligence and analytic solutions.

“Software products have multiple opportunities for using predictive analytics to enhance decision-making,’ Taylor said. “The future belongs to product managers that can embed predictive analytic capabilities in their products, pushing beyond reporting and dashboards,” said Taylor. “Success with embedded solutions begins with a focus on decisions as well as ensuring scalability and automation.”

“The next generation of software is going to be analytic,” Taylor added. “It’s not just going to report on its data and show it on dashboards, it is going to analytically drive more effective, more precise, more profitable behavior. Software companies face a harsh choice—either figure out how to use predictive analytics to power better decisions or fall behind competitors that do.”

About Predixion Enterprise Insight™
Predixion has created a world-class predictive platform for big data. Predixion Enterprise Insight™ is natively integrated with the Microsoft® BI stack, leverages Apache Mahout Algorithm libraries and is fully integrated with Microsoft SQL Server®, EMC® Greenplum® and Hadoop, with other analytic platforms on the way. An advanced deployment framework was designed to simplify the process of sharing models across an enterprise, automate predictions directly from source data to line-of-business applications and Predixion’s own thin client app for PCs and tablets, and eliminate complexity from the end user experience, resulting in self-service predictive analytics.

About Predixion Software

Predixion Software is a disruptive predictive analytics software company with a unique focus on the development of portable predictive applications via its patent pending “Machine Learning Semantic Model™ (MLSM™) and the “last mile” of analytics – the deployment of powerful predictions to the people who need to act upon them. Predixion offers an easy-to-deploy self-service predictive analytics solution that allows customers to unlock deep insights within their data with technology that integrates with leading business intelligence platforms, business applications and workflows. Predixion has over 225 companies using Predixion Enterprise Insight™ in 59 countries. For more information visit us at

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