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Predictive Analytics
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FreeCreditReport.Com: The Future of Healthcare?

Predictive Analytics: Saving Lives

At present the healthcare system knows very little about us till we show up at the hospital or in a doctor’s office sick.  In order to become preventive, the healthcare system will have to begin tracking our vitals decades before it currently does and listening in ways it currently does not.

Introducing: “Practical Predictive Analytics for Healthcare 101″ White Paper

Using predictive analytics and modeling tools is becoming a common and often daily occurrence in the work of caring for patients and populations in the healthcare industry.  But for someone who may be new to the field or has had limited exposure and/or experience with predictive analytics, the concept of mining data to predict the future may seem not only foreign, but a bit intimidating.

Comments on Supreme Court Upholding Key Provisions of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

In case you didn’t know, the Supreme Court upheld key provisions of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This decision will allow for the greatest change in our healthcare system since Medicare and Medicaid were enacted. While in some ways the envy of the world, we spend an exorbitant amount for mediocre results when taken as a whole and when compared to the rest of the world. As an Emergency Physician, I have a front-row view of the really good and the really bad of how we care for our citizens and pay for that care. Whether you agree or disagree with PPACA, we are now confronted with the addition of at least 30 million citizens to our healthcare system, not including those who will be added with the expansion of Medicaid.

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