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Powerful, Cloud-based Predictive Analytics Platform

  Predixion released the first-ever Cloud-based predictive modeling platform back in 2010.

  Predixion Insight™ is now available in public, private or hybrid Cloud environments as well as on-premises.

  Our easy-to-use Microsoft Excel client is backed by our powerful Insight Server to enable scale out and handle big data environments.

  Supports complete end-to-end predictive analytics capabilities from data shaping to deployment.

  Specializes in The Last Mile of Analytics, that is getting predictive insights to the front lines where decisions are made. 

Shape Structured and Unstructured Data from Multiple Sources

  • Combines data from multiple sources for data shaping, integration and model building.

  • Easy-to-use Wizards guide users through uploading data from Excel, PowerPivot, SQL Server or other enterprise data sources.

  • Automated best practices make data exploration, preparation, normalization, cleansing and sampling a snap.

  • Tedious tasks such as removing outliers, binning and relabeling columns are automated with instantaneous results.

  • Enables data scientists to spend more time modeling, collaborating and iterating on results than performing mundane tasks.








Collaborate and Iterate on Results with other Users

  • Bring your analytics team together on a single platform to expedite the predictive process.

  • Quickly and easily share your results with other data scientists and analysts in our shared Workspaces.

  • Pin reports, follow projects, comment directly on specific views or results, and share those comments with others on your team.










Robust API’s Embed Predictive Insights into your Workflows

  • Deploy predictive analytics into a variety of interfaces via our robust API’s including web portals, BI platforms and visualization tools and CRM applications (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint, Tableau and

  • Execute predictive workflows in Java Runtime or Microsoft .Net, in custom applications or common databases and data stores such as Pivotal, Microsoft SQL Server or Hadoop.




Goal-Based Model Building Using Various Machine Learning Libraries

  • Create models using Predixion’s own wizard-driven Workbench that leverages various integrated Machine Learning libraries (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, R or Apache Mahout); or

  • Integrate scripts and packages created in R or other modeling tools that generates PMML into the Insight Workbench to deploy algorithms, verify results and collaborate with other users.

  • Compare different Machine Learning libraries in side-by-side comparison charts to select the model that best matches your specified goals.

‘Deploy Anywhere’ Flexibility

  • Reduce deployment timelines by avoiding unnecessary rework and coding.

  • Create your predictive models in Predixion with our patent-pending Machine Learning Semantic Model™ (MLSM) technology which encapsulates the entire analytical workflow into a single, portable object called an MLSM package.

  • Deploy your MLSM packages into a variety of production environments, such as existing applications, databases, streaming engines, devices and machines.

  • Easily share and reuse your MLSM packages across different data sets, business units or even different organizations, with little to no incremental effort.

Powerful In-Process and In-Database Scoring

  • Flexible, high performance scoring options support a variety of use cases.

  • Score new records on the Predixion Insight Server, within your enterprise data-store, in-process inside your applications, or in a complex event processing (CEP) server.

  • Real-time scoring of complex models has been measured at approximately 2 ms per case on a single processor, providing performance for even the most demanding predictive scenarios.

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