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Who are your best targets? What offers will prospects respond to? Which customers are likely to churn? What actions will improve the bottom line?

Game-changing insight, powerful competitive advantage

Every company has data – from transactions and customer loyalty data to demographics – and business everywhere are amassing huge data stores. Unfortunately, collecting data is not enough. Savvy business leaders are looking to predictive analytics to unlock the power of their data. Access to the right data mining and predictive analytics solutions can make or break a company in today’s competitive environment. Insightful leaders using predictive analytics are setting the bar in customer retention, campaign optimization, and targeting which drive increases in profitability and market share.

  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Lead Ranking, Scoring, and Definitive Action Plans
  • Upselling and Cross-selling

In volatile economic conditions, companies are competing more harshly than ever and customer churn is one of the trickiest problems… but also the most preventable. Yet unfortunately, organizations often do not find out about churn until after it happens. Predictive analytics has a unique advantage because it can identify previously unknown segments, uncover customer preferences, and identify best offers — all through data that would otherwise be too expansive or detailed to understand without technical expertise. Predixion Software can help improve market responsiveness and increase customer loyalty and revenue by delivering these clear insights to business that want an edge on the competition.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use your customer data — leads, customers, sales history, website analytics and demographics — for highest accuracy
  • Build a predictive model using Predixion Insight platform
  • Run model in real-time to score customers on risk or opportunity
  • Apply scores to segmented profiles for highly targeted offers
  • Display in custom portals or push into existing CRM applications where the information is most actionable

Predixion Insight can use your customer data to retain customers with real-time, personalized offers and improve conversion rate for both new and existing leads. Overall, our predictive analytics platform is your solution to more effective and efficient marketing to your customers.

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