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Investment Apps: Taking Online Trading to the Next Level

Before 1992, one could only buy stocks and ETFs at a stock exchange like Wall Street in the US and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in the UK. Since then, the internet and computers have made stock exchanging something we can do from our homes. Now we’re at a stage where we can install an app on our mobiles and instantly be involved in the stock market without having to go to a stock exchange.
Similarly, when cryptocurrency was created, it quickly became a major form of digital currency thanks to the outreach of the internet through mobiles and computers.

Why Use Investment Apps?

investment apps
In the same way that market prices fall, they can rise too. Being informed constantly gives users a better chance to gain profits or avoid losses. It’s not feasible to carry our computers everywhere and open our laptops when needed. Mobile app users have a better edge in that aspect because they can use the apps at any time. The immediacy and accessibility of this platform is the main advantage of investment apps. 
Many first-time investors and people just testing the stocks and crypto market waters can find investment apps very useful. They’re fairly simple to use and are great for inexperienced investors. Many will offer a learning platform to train new users on usage.

How Mobile Apps Changed the Online Trade Playing Field

As more people invest in a company’s shares, the richer a company can get. Initially, before stocks entered the internet, only the rich used to invest in the stock market. A couple of years after stocks were introduced to the internet, substantially more people started investing too. However,a massive percentage of the population still wasn’t tapped, since not everyone had a computer. 
This quickly changed when mobile apps that could connect you to the stock market were introduced. Mobile investing apps could reach more people as a majority of the population had a smartphone. Suddenly, millions of internet users with a smartphone, time, and a little money were investing with some of the best investment app for trading. As a result, many companies received a financial boost. 
This trend is still going on. In 2020 alone, a stock investing app called Robinhood had three million new account creations. Investment houses like Charles Schwab, ETrade, and TD Ameritrade also saw their apps garner a 1.58 million user increase.

What About Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency kicked off just a decade ago. Since a significant part of the population was already on the internet, the first currency, Bitcoin, got rapidly popular. Almost everyone today has a smartphone, hence magnifying the potential impact Bitcoin has. 
When these currencies got popular, internet users saw an opportunity and invested in them. As more people bought them, the costlier they got, hence increasing their valuation. Without the help of computer and mobile investment apps, this would’ve been impossible due to a lack of outreach. Cryptocurrency has many dedicated apps. There are already hundreds of apps that are ready to help users start investing. This number is expected to increase.
The leading cryptocurrency investing app, Coinbase, secured a whopping 13 million new users in just three months in 2021. This number is expected to rise.

What Do These Investment Apps Do?

Investment apps for stocks, ETFs and Crypto essentially connect you to the market by giving you information and letting you invest. They bring statistics, graphs, and other information about share prices, averages, and other pertinent information to your phone so that you can make an informed decision about your investments. The only requirements are money, patience, and an internet connection.
The stock market and cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile. This means investors have to know the latest statistics and prices to make a decision. Investment apps provide much-needed information to them in real-time.
Forgoing through the trouble to get you connected to the stock market, many investment apps take a commission for every profit you earn.
However, one of the things investment apps do not do is help you with predictions. The stock and crypto markets are volatile. There are too many variables and unknowns that play into the market. 
There have been cases when investors lost millions as a result of incorrect predictions. One such example was when the Covid-19 pandemic was rampant; oil prices dipped while gold prices skyrocketed. Even relatively minimal fluctuations can be complicated to predict. Therefore, pro investors turn to self-made computer algorithms to predict with appreciable accuracy. Investment apps do not possess this feature.


Investment apps for Stocks, ETFs and Crypto are beneficial to users who are beginners or amateur investors because of their ease of use. If you are employed full time and are trading as a side hustle, an investment app can be a useful tool because of the accessibility offered by a mobile platform.  However, if you’re more experienced, they may not be the best-suited software for a professional investor. 
Even giant companies like Tesla and Google can greatly profit from the increasing number of people investing in stocks. The same can be said about cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. From the knowledge gained to profits taken, investment apps have an all-around positive influence in this market.
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