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Introducing: “Practical Predictive Analytics for Healthcare 101″ White Paper

Aug 20 2012

Using predictive analytics and modeling tools is becoming a common and often daily occurrence in the work of caring for patients and populations in the healthcare industry.  But for someone who may be new to the field or has had limited exposure and/or experience with predictive analytics, the concept of mining data to predict the future may seem not only foreign, but a bit intimidating.

The beauty and the brilliance of Predixion Software’sSuite of predictive analytic solutions  is that it has been created in such a way that you do not need to be an expert in data science to either build and run a predictive model or to understand the result and use it in your work.  The tools are intuitive and easy to use and contain logic and documentation built into it to help guide you through the process of data selection; model selection; model creation; accuracy determination; and sharing the results with others.

So, for those of you out there who may want some basic information before launching into the exciting area of predictive analytics for healthcare or for those who may simply want a refresher on some of the underlying concepts of data mining regarding the process of building and interpreting useful predictive models, the attached white paper entitled “Practical Predictive Analytics for Healthcare 101” is humbly submitted as a framework to help you get started.

Download the white paper here:

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