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Real-time,Advanced Analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Reduce operational costs, optimize key processes and innovate new service offerings by analyzing your IoT data


According to recent analyst reports, there will be 12-50B devices connected by 2020, producing approximately 4,400 exabytes of data—that’s 4,400 billion terabytes. Organizations that move quickly to turn this data into actionable insights will gain a tremendous advantage. In fact, Gartner estimates that organizations that leverage predictive analytics in their business can increase profitability by an impressive 20% by 2017.

Predictive analytics is the key to making all this data work for business, whether you are in:


Traditional analytics tools can’t do the job. The IoT generates data in motion. It’s not stagnant and sitting in a data warehouse somewhere; it is streaming thousands of statuses and updates every second. In addition, the “things” that generate a lot of machine or sensor data are often in remote areas with limited connectivity. Lastly, many use cases for the IoT require immediate actions that take place “close to the edge” such as emergency shut downs or production line changes. It takes a solution –uniquely suited for the IoT– to address these complex scenarios.

Predixion Software is the only advanced analytics solution that can embed predictive models on the device, on the gateway and in the cloud – so the analytics are where you need them, when you need them.Our patent-pending Machine Learning Semantic Model (MLSM)enables analytics to be easily embedded into a variety of production environments including existing applications, databases, real-time streaming engines and even directly on to connected or disconnected devices. This unique capability gives Predixion an advantage over traditional analytic tools that cannot handle the speed and volume of streaming data or the real-time actions required when dealing with use cases that involve devices or machines with limited connectivity. Advanced analytics and automated actions on the device or machine are required to realize the return made on connecting all these things, 

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