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Predixon was founded on the belief that predictive analytics has the power 

to create a smarter, safer and healthier world – and that access to this power

should not be limited to a select few with extensive statistical knowledge.

Our experts ensure this is possible.



    Director, Analytics Solutions

    With a background in physics and several years of experience doing presales for SAS Latin America North, Dr. Leo Hernandez leverages his familiarity with enterprise software for analytics as a Director of Analytics for Predixion. He has several years of academic background teaching diverse math related subjects at both undergraduate and graduate levels. While in SAS, he was in charge of demos and presentations for all analytics offerings including both products and business solutions as well as training both internally and externally in all the analytics tools.

    His experience with horizontal Business Solutions includes: Customer Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Marketing Optimization, Strategic Performance Management, SAS BI Platform, Data and Text Mining, SAS Forecast Server. Regarding vertical Solutions, Dr. Hernandez has worked in projects for the Financial Industry (Anti-Money Laundering, Op-Risk Management, Fraud and Credit Scoring), Manufacturing (Warranty Analysis, Demand Intelligence), Retail (Pricing Optimization), Higher Education (Enrollment Management), Telco (Churn) and Public Sector (Crime Intelligence).

    Dr. Hernandez received his advanced education in 3 different countries: a bachelors degree from Cuba, Mexico (UNAM) for his Masters, and Ph.D. research in Germany (Institut fur Theoretische Physik der Justus-Liebig-Universitaet). His research focused on experimental and theoretical nuclear physics for medium and low energies. His publishing history includes several articles in peer reviewed journals on nuclear physics and several pieces for a monthly column through SAS Latin America North (“El Economista”). He was a routine speaker in Seminars, Congress, and Workshops – often with international attendance – during his Nuclear Physics research. While at SAS Latin America North, Dr. Hernandez also acted as spokesperson and presenter for several events.

    Dr. Hernandez speaks several languages and has lived and worked using 3 of them. In his spare time, he likes riding his bike and playing baseball. Dr. Hernandez looks forward to the day when all the routine work in data science/predictive analytics has been automated and he can focuses in the fun part of understanding and improving the real world. He is convinced that science and technology should be used to make our life fuller and happier, to free us in a fundamental way.


    Program Manager

    Dr. Ernst Henle Ernst serves as one of Predixion’s experts in data science and algorithm development. In his work he focuses on data access, data flow and data processing strategies and is now the program manager for the Predixion Insight analytics platform. He holds a Ph.D. in biophysics from Berkeley and a post-doc in free radicals, aging, and oxidative damage to DNA. His previous experience includes work as an experimental scientist at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He’s spent time as a software development engineer at BioImagene, Merck and Microsoft, where he focused on algorithm development, image processing and bioinformatics. He joined Silicon Valley startups to develop software for bioinformatics, digital pathology, and image analysis and continued these endeavors at Merck and Microsoft, where he devised algorithms for pharmaceutical research. In addition to his work at Predixion, he also teaches data science classes at the University of Washington.

    Ernst has co-authored pieces on DNA damage and Bioinformatics in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is also the co-inventor on seven patents. In 2009 he spoke for the FDA and multiple times for the US HUPO, and has also been invited to speak at conferences in Brazil and Argentina.

    For fun, Ernst enjoys playing the Romanian pan flute. Ernst looks forward to the day when we will be able to predict a malware threat before it happens.

    Data Scientist

    Dr. Artur Menzeleev is an expert in large-scale simulation, data analysis, and feature generation and is at Predixion as a Data Scientist. His specialties include large-scale numerical simulation and parallel computing, and he has experience in relational database and web-based application development within a pharmaceutical context.

    Dr. Menzeleev holds a PhD from the California Institute of Technology in Theoretical / Computational Chemistry, which was preceded by a B.A. in Chemistry from University of Pennsylvania. The focus of his doctoral research was understanding chemical dynamics in complex systems through direct simulation, which involved extensive, large-scale, massively parallel scientific computation on flagship supercomputers as well as extensive work in feature generation and data processing.

    Dr. Menzeleev has published a number of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing soccer, as well as cycling. He looks forward to the time when predictive analytics applications are deployed to swarms of smart drones.
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