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Now Shipping Answers with Embedded Predictive Analytics ­
  • What will my customers buy next?
  • What equipment might fail?
  • Which patients will readmit?
  • How much inventory do I need?

Predixion is proud to open up our award-winning software to third-party software partners via our OEM/embedded predictive analytics program. As we focus on the evolving landscape of predictive analytics, we recognize the opportunity to embed Predixion’s predictive analytics into existing software ecosystems as an ideal and faster way to empower more users with our advanced technology.

Embedded Predixion: It’s Smart Business

For you (the visionary, product-strategy executive that you are), you’re looking for a swift way to provide incremental value to your clients and to provide insights from your systems’ inherent data. You’ve realized that there is an opportunity to provide high-value predictive solutions to your users, increase market share, and, all the while, creating a powerful differentiation from your competitors. Or perhaps, somewhere in the back of your mind, you have a defensive desire to solve a client’s problem – knowing they are likely to solve the problem one way or the other and it’s certainly better if they do so on YOUR product stack. Finally, you’ve likely recognized that the world of folks who understand predictive analytics is relatively small, but the group of folks that know how to build predictive technology is even smaller! So, now you embark on finding the right predictive platform to power your product vision. You’re in the right place.

For Predixion (the aggressive, fast-growing predictive startup that we are), it’s kind of an obvious choice really, in order to make predictive analytics the most valuable, we like to gobble up large amounts of data, we like to present Predixions into the middle of a business process to assist decision making, and we thrive on tackling problems for lots of business users with clear business value. What we need is established software vendors with data, business context, and a large installed base. We need you.

For us both… Really it’s just smart business…we can help give you what you need, you can help give us what we need…and, we grow together.

Embedded Predictive Analytics / OEM Software

Flexible Licensing Models

From entry-level development servers for initial deployments to all-you-can-eat OEM licenses or for the custom-revenue share models in between, Predixion works with your goals and models to craft a turn-key engagement that works for your business.

Turn-Key Solutions Development

Predixion’s Data Science “Tigers” are available to help ideate future solutions with your team, build accurate predictive models, and to help to ideate and innovate solutions together.

Extensible, Cutting-Edge Predictive Platform

Predixion’s Predictive Platform was built to support the needs of an embedded customer.

  • Easy Model Creation: Predixion is the leader in easy-to-use model creation. From our Excel based modeling environment to our one button “Insight Now” predictions, Predixion has led the way in taking predictive analytics to the masses by abstracting complexity and empowering a new generation of Business Analysts to become Predictive Analysts.
  • Cloud / On Premise Predictive Server: Predixion was born as a cloud service and our on-premise version mirrors our cutting-edge cloud architecture. For ISVs looking to empower a large remote installed base or for scalable SaaS based solutions, Predixion’s Platform architecture is second to none.
  • Technology Stack Integration: Predixion enjoys rich history and relationships with the world’s leading technology companies and brings deep and innovative integrations. Leveraging our out-of-the-box integrations or extensible API, we can integrate anything together.
  • Last Mile Innovation: Predixion was the first to coin the “Last Mile of Analytics” phrase, and it remains our core focus. The Last Mile of predictive analytics is how and why we were built — to bring the power of predictive analytics to everyday business users. The most accurate model in the world is useless if it does not affect and improve the decision making by real business users. Whether it’s leveraging our out-of-the-box visualizations or building a thin client tablet application on top of our API, only Predixion truly powers the Last Mile of predictive analytics.

World-Class Predictive Development Team for Collaboration

We have the predictive technology team that you’d hire if you could (but you CAN’T). Sharing some 40+ patents in data-mining and predictive analytics, our team has been building predictive technology before it was cool. We are scientists, world-class developers, and we love to collaborate on solutions. We solve real business problems by using our technology, experience in data-mining with your subject matter expertise and client’s needs.

Global and Scalable Partner Ecosystem

Predixion enjoys strong partners in the field of predictive analytics, and some we likely even share. From our early roots at Microsoft, we enjoy strong technology and a go-to-market collaboration that thrives to this day. Along with EMC, Accenture and GE, we think we’ve got the best investors and innovation collaborators possible.


Must Read: New White Paper

Industry expert, James Taylor (CEO of Decision Management Solutions), has released his latest white paper, “Becoming Predictive: 5 Steps to embed Predictive Analytics in your software.”

In this report, James presents invaluable considerations and recommendations to Enterprise Software Product Managers as they pursue new ways to leverage and extend their product’s functionality with embedded predictive analytics.

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