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At Predixion, we champion rapid time-to value for predictive analytic insights. By “rapid time-to-value,” we mean doing instead of planning or preparing to do. In almost all cases, users of our flagship product, Predixion Insight™, are getting value from predictive analytics within weeks.  Do not misunderstand me: at Predixion, we believe in getting things right. Our customers continuously refine and improve the quality of their analytics. The features and innovations we’ve built into Predixion Insight make it easy for them to do just this.  

These same features and innovations also make it possible to democratize prediction. 

I’m talking about a fundamentally different way of producing and disseminating predictive insights. Customers like the Carolinas Healthcare System, Kaiser Permanente, and GE (to name just a few) use Predixion to push insights out to where they can have the greatest impact: to nurses in the hospital intensive care unit (ICU), to directors and coordinators in hospital admissions offices, to airline technicians on the tarmac – even to men and women laboring in oil fields. 

This is possible because Predixion Insight provides a framework for end-to-end prediction. 

This might sound overly ambitious, but it isn’t. WithInsight, we didn’t try to build our own algorithms, and we didn’t undertake to write thousands of lines of code to address the complexities of NoSQL analytics. We didn’t have to! Smart people at Microsoft (in the SQL Server division), at EMC (in the Greenplum database division), and in the Hadoop community had already done so. 

As a small company, Predixion had to pick and choose what to prioritize. This meant leveraging open standards and common, in-database resources whenever they were available. For example, Insight utilizes the native data mining algorithms and analytic functions that ship with SQL Server, Greenplum’s MPP database, the open source R statistics environment, and Mahout, the predictive analytic stack for Hadoop. These platforms offer built-in functions for text mining, numerical analysis, and NoSQL analytics, along with routines for data mining and prediction. Under its covers, Predixion Insight leverages connectivity standards such as ODBC and JDBC, in addition to the data preparation and data transformation feature set of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

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