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This BeyeNETWORK spotlight features Ron Powell’s interview with Simon Arkell, CEO and Co-Founder of Predixion Software. Ron and Simon discuss Predixion’s disruptive approach to predictive analytics.
Simon, for those in our audience who are not familiar with Predixion, could you provide us with an overview of your company and your product focus?

Simon Arkell: Predixion is now a few years old, and we set up the company to fill what we felt was a pretty significant gap in the business intelligence industry, specifically around predictive analytics. We spent a lot of time rethinking how predictive analytics is done, how predictive analytics solutions are developed, and how they’re consumed. We came up with a great team, many of whom are former data mining or predictive analytics experts from Microsoft. We also have a great team of people who’ve been very successful previously with starting up enterprise software companies, filling a very strategic gap in the market, and then providing extreme value for that market.  Read More
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