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A big move for IoT: Predixion partners with Wind River

Aug 17 2015


Moving predictive analytics to the point of impact where it has the maximum business value has always been the hallmark of Predixion Software. Today, Predixion is making another big move that will bring businesses groundbreaking capabilities for analyzing data on the edge of IoT (Internet of Things).


Predixion is partnering with Wind River to deliver predictively enabled IoT applications for predictive maintenance at the edge and in the cloud. For customers, that means an unprecedented ability to reduce maintenance costs, optimize resources and prevent equipment failure and costly downtime.


The combination of the Wind River Helix Device Cloud platform for managing devices and delivering IoT applications with the Predixion Insight advanced analytics platform is a game changer. It brings insights and actions directly to the edge of IoT, and enables the rapid development and flexible deployment of predictive analytics for accelerated business value.


Get the full story on this big move for IoT in our partnership announcement.


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