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Entries for March 2012


Predixion co-founder and CEO Simon Arkell will detail Predixion Software’s current and future predictive analytics solutions and initiatives for healthcare payors and providers.  Arkell will present to an exclusive audience of potential strategic partners, premier service providers, venture capitalists, technology transfer professionals and other senior executives focused on healthcare-related opportunities. 

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Predixion has created Excel-based modeling solutions and a deployment framework designed to simplify the process of sharing models across an enterprise, automate predictions directly from source data to SharePoint dashboards and other portals or business applications, and squeeze complexity out of the end user experience, resulting in self-service predictive analytics. 

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March 1, 2012: Blog Post: First Look - Predixion Insight™ 2.0 from James Tayor on Everything Decision Management

Predixion Insight, the company’s core product, is focused on the key stumbling block for predictive analytics – the supply of people who can build models. Predixion like to talk about turning Business Intelligence into Predictive Intelligence – bringing predictive analytics into a BI world. They see a need for new tools that allow people who can use BI tools or Excel to build predictive analytic models. You also need workflows that are more flexible and adaptable rather than focused on a formal scientific process. Finally you need a set of shared concepts across predictive analytics and BI. To expand the supply of people who can built predictive analytic models you need to make it easier to build models, easier to collaborate around them and easier to share and deploy them.

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