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The Technology Behind Predixion RIOT™

Introducing Predixion RIOT, Predixion’s intelligent edge analytics engine that harnesses the raw power of your enterprise’s IoT data, analyzes it in real-time, and delivers it to you in the form of useful edge intelligence.

Predixion Software is a well-established leader in the field of ‘edge analytics’ – a growing industry that utilizes the mostly untapped potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Predixion RIOT has made the real-time delivery of data analytics available to those working with physical, connected assets – giving them real-time insights into those assets’ performance. The practical applications of real-time data being made available to off-site personnel span almost every industry imaginable.

In the past, slow data reaction times were something that was begrudgingly accepted because there was simply no alternative. Organizations suffered from unforeseen events that they had no way of predicting and there was little connectivity or fast moving data intelligence when it came to the individual assets that make up a business. Worse, in this generation of cloud architectures, OT managers started sending all data to the cloud into a “data lake”. The problem with this approach is that 90% of the data generated at the edge never even makes it to the cloud, and if it does, it is far from real-time. Enter Predixion RIOT. RIOT uses the cloud for analytic orchestration, not as a data lake. 

Now, with real-time edge analytics, we can offer our OEM and Enterprise clients the ability to meet the fast-moving demands for reliability, privacy, development and security.

We provide the systematic improvement and optimization that is only available through the use of analytics at the edge.

Our solutions integrate with your physical sensors and control systems to deliver detailed, real-time information to you, be it from an oil rig on the other side of the globe, or from the truck you are driving.


Analytics on the Edge

Predixion RIOT is an edge analytics engine that feeds the user real-time, on-site sensor data from connected machines.

Predixion RIOT is built to run on the edge, regardless of whether it is deployed in a connected, partially connected, or disconnected environment. With on-device deployment, RIOT eliminates the need for internet connectivity in disconnected use cases. The small footprint analytics engine runs directly on the device, allowing for real-time data insights.

In partially connected environments, RIOT shares only the relevant results of its analysis over the network. This reduces the load on the bandwidth substantially, speeds up the rate of transmission, and streamlines the data that is securely pushed to the cloud and end user.

Once in the cloud, RIOT visual analytics can be used as a standalone solution, or they can be integrated with your dashboards and existing systems, enabling actionable, visual analytics.


How RIOT Works

Predixion RIOT ingests live streaming IoT data (as well as data at rest) through inputs with mainstream protocols, and then runs rules, advanced and predictive analytics, pushing the outputs to the Predixion RIOT interface via WebSocket connections for real-time data visualizations, making that data instantly available for users to act on.

Real-time actionable analytics provide visual discovery of outliers and an environment for users to take action to prevent adverse events, notify interested parties, and even trigger entire service workflows.

All real-time data and analytics are delivered to browser-based visualizations using the latest HTML5-based Websocket communications. Predixion RIOT delivers edge intelligence by encapsulating the entire engine, including the visual components (micro web server) in a comprehensive, self-executing, analytics engine that runs independently on devices, gateways and in the cloud. 

Using a 100% HTML5 browser-based environment, enterprise customers and OEMs can perform visual data blending to compare real-time versus historical data for seasonality comparisons and visual pattern identification.

Users can also apply simple rules or execute highly performant, real-time predictive models at the edge.

Would you like to find out more about Predixion RIOT? Take a look at the information on our resources page or contact one of our experts to learn more about how edge analytics can be used to make your devices smarter.

Alternatively, if you would like more information, you can download a whitepaper on how you can begin to embed edge analytics in your business. 

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Predixion RIOT One is a Java-based engine that operates on select gateway operating systems. Predixion RIOT Nano is a small-footprint, native C/C++ engine that operates in IOT devices and communicates directly with IOT Gateways running RIOT One or directly with the cloud. 

Predixion RIOT supports IoT communication protocols such as MQTT, HTTP/REST, AMQP, COAP, and GPIO.