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SQL Server Requirements

An instance of SQL Server is required. However, SQL Server version and edition requirements vary depending on the analytic engines that you want to use. The target computer must also meet the overall requirements for Predixion Insight™ 4.0. For more information, see Requirements. 

During setup, you can choose a default or custom installation.

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Default Installation

When  you choose the default installation, Setup looks for SQL Server on the target computer. If an instance of SQL Server  is found and Setup can connect to it, that instance is used. If no instance is found, Setup installs SQL Server 2012 Express SP1.

Custom Installation

When you choose the custom installation, you have three choices for creating the Predixion databases:

Setup includes an option to test the database connection.

SQL Server Versions and Editions

The basic requirement for SQL Server is SQL Server 2008 R2 ; earlier versions are not supported. The supported versions and editions:

If you plan to use only R, you might be able to use any listed version and edition of SQL Server; however, only SQL Server 2012 Express SP1 and SQL Server 2014 Express are supported.

Predixion Databases

The following Predixion database are created on the SQL Server instance:

Database Permissions

In addition the following permission requirements must be met:

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