Predixion Insight™ 4.5.1 Documentation
Setup and Configuration

This section provides information on how to install and configure Predixion Insight™, including required components.

Predixion Insight is available in three editions:

Each deployment has its own installation requirements and steps. In addition, Predixion Insight™ Enterprise Edition can be installed in standalone or scale-out mode, which also affects requirements and installation steps.

A summary of the installation guides and links to the guides are in the Step-by-Step Guides section of this topic.

Before you install Predixion Insight, it is helpful to understand the Predixion Insight architecture. Predixion Insight Personal Edition Insight uses the Predixion Insight public cloud server, which provides the server components. 

Predixion Insight Architecture

Predixion Insight uses a client-server architecture. The server and client tiers are comprised of the following components:


The server requires installation of the following components:

In addition, depending on the analytical engine you want to use (Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) or R) you need to install and enable that engine on the server. You can install and enable the SSAS and R engines and this way make available both the SSAS and R algorithms. If you will use only the R analytical engine, you can use SQL Server Express.    

If you install Predixion Insight™ Personal Edition, no server components are required.


Predixion Insight supports two clients:  

Step-by-Step Guides

The following guides provide detailed information and step-by-step procedures for planning, installing, and configuring Predixion Insight clients and servers for different types of deployments. 

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