Predixion Insight™ 4.1 Documentation
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Predixion Insight™ Help is designed to get you started quickly using the Predixion Insight platform to perform predictive analysis. Help is organized into sections that align with the tasks that you perform as part of the predictive analysis process and in the order that you typically perform them. In addition, Walkthroughs provide step-by-step instructions on how to create models etc., using real-life data, Technical Reference provides syntax and example, and the Platform Reference section describes the Predixion Insight user interface.

The Help table of contents makes it easy and quick to find answers to your questions: 

What’s New in Predixion Insight 4.1—Learn about features that are new in the latest release of Predixion Insight.

Getting Started—Install the Predixion Insight Cloud Edition and the Excel client, tour Predixion Insight for Excel, and perform your first predictive analysis.

Predixion Insight Concepts—Learn about terms and concepts that have unique meaning for Predixion Insight.

Derive Insights in Insight Now—Build predictive models that are pre-configured to deliver the best results for your data.

Prepare Data in Insight Analytics—Clean, modify, and extend data to make it suitable for use in predictive analysis, use Insight Workbench to prepare data.

Build MLSM Packages—Build different types of models and goals using wizards and create insights using pre-configured models in Insight Now.

Visualize Data and Outcomes—Interactively examine, explore, and collaborate on the patterns discovered in your data by a predictive model, goal, or data profiling.

Assess Model Accuracy—Assess the accuracy of your models and compare multiple related models.

Generate Predictions and Recommendations—Build queries against models to score new data and obtain predictions.

Manage Workspaces and Their Contents—Manage private and shared workspaces and their packages, models, goals, results, and data sources. 

Share and Collaborate—Share workspaces, packages and models, collaborate using comments and history, embed visualizations in a SharePoint Web page.

Administration and Configuration—Install, configure, and administer on-premises deployments of Predixion Insight or the client for  cloud deployments. 

Walkthroughs—Follow step-by-step examples to learn about Predixion Insight features and build predictive models.

Technical Reference—Predictive Analytical Expression (PAX) functions, SQL Server Integration Services components.

Platform Reference—User interface reference for Insight Analytics, Insight Now, and Insight Explorer. 



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