Predixion Insight™ 4.5.1 Documentation
Administration and Configuration

This section provides information to help you install Predixion Insight™ and perform administrative tasks such as configuring your Predixion server and engines,

Setup and Configuration —Describes the requirement for Predixion Insight deployments, provide step-by-step instructions for installing Predixion Insight and  SQL Server and Greenplum connectors, and how to upgrade Predixion Insight versions.

Predixion Administrator Portal—Provides information about the PredixionAdmin intranet portal where you configure the Predixion server, add users and groups, monitor server activity, create workspaces and grant permissions to them, and manage Predixion Insight licenses.

Manage Authentication Methods—Provides information about the available Predixion Insight authentication methods.

Backup and Restore—Teaches you how to backup and restore the Predixion Insight server, including user data such as applications and models created on the server and configuration options set through the administration portal.



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