Real-Time Edge Analytics for the IoT

Real-Time Edge Analytics for the IoT

According to ABI Research, 90% of machine data never makes it to the cloud. Predixion Software empowers you to use this data, and analyze and act on it at the edge. Predixion Software is the only advanced analytics technology that enables real-time analytics on the device, on the gateway, and in the cloud.

Predixion Software has solved big problems in healthcare, fleet, telecommunications, energy, and manufacturing. What can your data do for you?


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  Zero Unplanned Downtime

With Predixion Software, your analytic models can be embedded on the device, can gather real-time data from your devices and push it to the gateway, and can aggregate all this information in the cloud. This flexibility, combined with an advanced predictive model, allows you to predict when a failure will occur and enables you to take action to prevent it.

With predictive maintenance, real-time predictive insights are delivered to the point of action – whether that's into the hands of a front-lines operator, the dashboard of a project manager, or back onto the device for emergency protocols. Your assets will alert you when they are likely to fail, so you can make sure they won't impact your operations. Remove the delays and expenses that result from unplanned downtime by predicting at the edge.


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Zero Unplanned Downtime with Predixion Software.
Get Insight at the Point of decision with Predixion Software

Insight at the Point of Decision

Businesses today depend on analytics to help them run their operations, but looking at historical data isn’t enough anymore. Combining IoT data with real-time advanced analytics empowers you to get the information you need, when you need it. Predixion Software’s unique PredixionIQ™ technology allows analytic models to be deployed on the device, on the gateway, and in the cloud, so actionable insights are delivered at the point of decision. With Predixion, hospitalists know which interventions to apply to high risk patients, technicians know where to focus their resources, productivity goes up, and costs plummet.

We understand that not every decision maker is a data scientist – that’s why Predixion embeds your results into the tools your business already uses, whether that’s a dashboard, a data store, or an existing application. Your organization will be supplied with clear results and analysis, so you can make better decisions in the moment.


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The only advanced analytics technology that executes on the device, at the edge for real-time decision making.