Predictive Insights Power Business Decisions

Predixion leverages your enterprise data sources to solve multiple business challenges with a simple and proven method called: Predict and Intervene™. Using machine learning, Predixion finds patterns in your data to quickly identify risk or opportunity drivers, faster than a human ever could.

But most importantly, we deliver those actionable predictive insights to the point of decision with recommended interventions. Whether your point of decision is an existing application, database, BI tool, or even a device or machine, our flexible and fast deployment engine will get it there.

This is something we call “The Last Mile of Analytics” and this is where the true value of predictive analytics is realized—not in a back office where policies are created—but at the frontlines where daily decisions are made.


Speed to Value for
Data Scientists

Predixion’s cloud-based analytics platform enables data scientists to meet the increasing demands for their skills by allowing them to work with the specific modeling tools they are most comfortable using. Whether you are using Predixion’s own wizard-driven modeling workbench, a script written in R or PMML code generated from another modeling tool—you can use Predixion to quickly shape your data, deploy your algorithms and verify the results.

Our patent-pending Machine Learning Semantic Model™ (MLSM) encapsulates the entire analytic workflow and data transformations into a single, portable object called an MLSM package. This package can then quickly and easily be deployed into a variety of production environments—including Predixion’s own Web-based portal as well as databases, applications, streaming engines and even devices—making the predictive process faster, more flexible and more repeatable than ever before.

Simplicity for
Business Analysts

Predixion is powerful enough for a data scientist, but doesn’t require one. Using our platform, business analysts can easily access and score models that were developed by their own data scientists via shared workspaces. Or, if they don’t have access to a data scientist, they can use our simple Insight Now wizards to run ‘canned’ predictive models on their own data.

Giving business analysts the ability to perform “self-service” predictive analytics frees your limited data science resources from remedial tasks and increases the adoption of predictive analytics throughout your organization.

Lastly, Predixion’s ‘deploy anywhere’ options enable business analysts to predictively-enable their existing BI dashboards, tools and applications, so your organization can make more informed decisions in real-time, every day.