The Internet of Things is changing industries across the world. As millions of devices each day connect to the Internet, it becomes impossible to send all the data generated at the edge to the cloud. The concept of the data lake is dying because most of the data generated at the edge never makes it to the cloud. You need real-time insights, and to get them you need analytics to occur at the edge, on the device or gateway. Enter Predixion RIOT, the fully self-contained edge analytics engine for the Internet of Things. 

With Predixion RIOT, OEMs can embed advanced analytics directly onto their devices and machines to make their devices smarter, and Enterprise customers can add intelligence to every level of their network to solve expensive problems like unplanned downtime. 


Predixion RIOT offers edge intelligence for the IoT  


The only advanced analytics technology that executes on the device, at the edge for real-time decision making.


Bring Edge Analytics to Your IoT Devices

Predixion RIOT provides original equipment manufacturers and enterprises with local and global, real-time, visual analytics on their devices and operations for intelligence at every layer of the network. The IoT has brought more opportunities to OEMs and Enterprises than ever before, allowing for more innovative, more adaptable, and more intelligent devices. With the data from these IoT devices, OEMs and Enterprises have an unprecedented opportunity to capture, analyze and act on real-conditions performance data. With Predixion RIOT, OEMs and Enterprises can capture, monitor, and analyze data, empowering end-users and manufacturers with real-time insight.

Capitalize on Your Assets with Real-Time Advanced Analytics

The IoT has transformed the way businesses operate, allowing for more control and insight into every day operations than ever before. But the opportunity to act on this data has so far been limited by network capacity and downstream analytics. With Predixion RIOT, companies are able to finally capture and act on their data in real time. With edge analytics for your connected assets, you can capture, monitor, and analyze your IoT data in real time without costly infrastructure or deployment investments. Discover how Predixion RIOT can help your business below.

At Predixion, we make Things smarter.


Predixion Software helps our partners and customers make sense of the deluge of data produced by the Internet of Things by enabling real-time, visual analytics on any device, at the edge of the Internet. We combine our history of technological innovation, revolutionary analytics engines, and deep understanding of business needs to deliver edge analytics to the places they’re needed most.


Improving Predictive Maintenance Time-To-Value With Real-Time Visual Edge Analytics

Connected devices and machines are an integral part of operations in just about every industry today. A lot of organizations are struggling to harness the power of information from this Internet of Things (IoT) so that they may apply real-time insights and get ahead of unplanned downtime. 

In this white paper from Wind River® and Predixion, discover how to eliminate the guesswork and truly evolve into a predictive enterprise with the ability to predict - and avoid - any unplanned maintenance or downtime.  

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