Predixion Insight Documentation

A Predixion Application is an instantiation of a Machine Learning Semantic Model (MLSM).  A MLSM contains a complete definition of a predictive workflow containing a starting schema, transformations, sampling and data selection rules, predictive models, and validation and selection criteria.  A predictive application is an object representing a MLSM through which you can bind a data source, explore trained models, understand and analyze your data, and retrieve predictive results.

Applications are created when you click the Create Application button on the Insight Analytics ribbon or inside the Insight Workbench.  You also create applications implicitly if you run any of the modeling wizards on the Insight Analytics ribbon and specify a data source (such as Excel, PowerPivot, or external data) as the input data.

As an application comprises the entire predictive workflow, you can apply an application to different data from when it was originally built.  When you do this, Predixion Insight recalculates all of the appropriate statistics that drive any transformations to the data, ensuring that your predictive models continue to use correctly manipulated input sets.

Applications can be shared by publishing them to Predixion Collections or to the Predixion Marketplace.  While in collections you can use applications by browsing them or using them to predict against new data.  If you want to reapply a collection application to new data, you must first bring it into your Workspace collection using the Publish tool.



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