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Predixion is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to apply our predictive intelligence platform to solve challenges for the industrial market.

The industrial market is generating more data than ever before. Data comes from the enterprise, the plant, and millions of devices. Manufacturers are continually examining the inner workings of organizations, modeling processes and analyzing data to understand past performance. However, to remain competitive, manufacturers must push the boundaries of traditional BI and become predictive. Predictive intelligence is optimizing assets and operations across the industrial market to reduce costs, streamline operations and, above all else, avoid downtime.


  • Sensor Data Analytics
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Equipment Lifespan Forecasting

Large equipment failures can cost companies millions and delay operations. Even once the problem is identified, parts need to be ordered and certain hands must be on deck in order to make repairs. However, by implementing predictive analytics, warnings and other vital information reach decision points before a problem arises, saving time and money. With Predixion, potential equipment failure can be identified up to 14 days in advance; our powerful predictive models can identify the root cause of the failure, facilitating intervention before it's too late.

Here's how it works:

  • Gather and pre-process data from equipment sensors into predictors
  • Build predictive model using Predixion Insight platform
  • Predixion model pushed into Complex Event Processing (CEP) server
  • Continuous processing of event streams from multiple sources
  • Thousands of predictions scored per second in memory with near-zero latency
  • Reports in real-time on potential failures
  • Pushes alerts to the front lines where the information is most actionable

Predixion Insight analyzes collected data and live data from sensors to predict equipment failures. The Last Mile of Analytics™ prevents these failures by warning the people with the power to intervene, catching potential issues without interrupting business operations. Predixion's platform can improve efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize profitability across a number of different use cases in the industrial vertical and manufacturing.

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    • Predixion Demo: Predictive Maintenance
      In this short video, you will see how the Predixion Insight can Apply predictive analytics to machine sensor data to reduce costly production disruptions, optimize use of field service, and optimize parts inventory.
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