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Predixion is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to apply our game changing Predictive Intelligence platform to provide solutions for the challenges in the healthcare industry. Our solutions help providers better understand and manage risk to their patients’ health while simultaneously improving the bottom-line for institutions and insurers alike.

Healthcare Providers
Whether your organization is taking steps to adopt an accountable care model or simply looking to satisfy CMS requirements and avoid reimbursement penalties, Predixion can help. Our solutions help you identify and reduce potentially preventable conditions or events and better manage risk to ensure your success.

Healthcare Plans
New government regulations are dramatically increasing the number of members participating in health plans. Solutions designed to identify at risk patient populations and deliver high quality affordable care for members with chronic conditions will be vital in managing costs and promoting wellness.

Predictive analytics infuse insight at the point-of-care to improve patient outcomes and overall population health management. 

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  • Preventable Readmissions
  • Length of Stay
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Predictive Illness / Disease Progressions
  • Identification of High Cost Cases
  • Wellness Program Management
  • Micro-Segmentation & Plan Design

Preventable hospital readmissions are a significant – yet avoidable  cost.
In fact, these readmissions account for an estimated $25 billion in wasteful healthcare spending in the US alone. With the CMS penalties on the horizon, the cost of preventable admissions is only going to go up for hospitals with readmissions above acceptable rates beginning with AMI, CHF and PNA. Others claim to have effective Readmission Management solutions – but Predixion is the only solution available today that turns preventable readmissions into predictable readmissions.

Here’s How Predictable Readmissions Work:

  • Data is introduced to Predixion Insight to build a hospital-specific model
  • The Predixion model is then used to risk stratify patients upon admission
  • Risk scores are updated throughout the patient’s stay
  • Readmission risk scores are used by care givers to target appropriate patient care paths


The Last Mile of Analytics™ in action: this is a view from a nurse's perspective, showing patients organized by risk for readmission. The nurse can see which patients fall into each risk band, as well as the factors that are increasing or decreasing each patient’s risk score. Customized interventions to reduce risk are presented for each individual patient, so the nurse is empowered to improve outcomes.

Predixion Insight uses your local hospital data to risk score patients upon admission and throughout their hospital stay to identify patients at risk of readmission before they leave the hospital with 79% accuracy. Our platform’s flexibility allows us to help you target patient interventions, reduce readmissions, and avoid CMS penalties. Overall, Predixion is the only solution for accurately predicting preventable readmissions that enables care managers to intervene at the point of care.



When patients remain in the hospital beyond the average length of stay, the hospital is at risk for not being reimbursed. CMS benchmarks for length of stay force care providers to maintain care quality while discharging patients in a timely fashion. To achieve this efficiency, case managers and nurses need to be tracking patient progress in real-time – Predixion Insight provides the power of advanced predictive analytics to these care coordinators without any technical data expertise.

Here’s how predictable Length of Stay works:

  • Historical patient data is introduced to Predixion Insight for a hospital-specific model
  • The Predixion model stratifies patients upon arrival based on hospital averages and patient care history
  • The model updates the length of stay estimate as the patient is monitored, assessing risk through all treatments, recent notes, unit transfers, etc.
  • Estimates are compared to hospital averages and CMS benchmarks
  • Predixion Insight displays influencing factors and recommended interventions so care providers can make decisions faster and earlier than ever before


A case manager's view of a specific patient is shown here. The length of stay estimate is visually compared to hospital and CMS averages as the patient's progress is tracked. Additionally, factors that influence stay extensions and recommendations are displayed so that the case manager can intervene at the root of the problem.


Predixion Insight tracks risk indicators for extended stay in every phase of treatment, from admission to recovery. By covering the Last Mile of Analytics, we help those who work directly with patients to easily identify risk and influence outcomes before the stay is extended. Predixion’s length of stay solution personalizes care and increases efficiency, saving money and improving care quality throughout the hospital.


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LIVE WEBCAST: Bringing Predictive Analytics to the Point of Care

Date:  Wednesday, September 10th @ 10AM (PT)

 Register | Invitation

Summary: Dr. Jean Wright, Chief Innovation Officer of Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS), will discuss how she turned to predictive analytics to solve a key challenge that many hospitals are facing today – the high cost of readmissions. By bringing predictive analytics to the point of care, CHS has empowered their nurses and case managers to better manage the risk of readmissions and, at the same time, improve patient care.

In this informative session, you’ll discover how CHS:

  •  Turns to predictive analytics to solve their readmissions management challenge
  •  Involves the nurses and case managers in solving the challenge
  •  Predicts which patients are at highest risk for readmission upon readmission and throughout their stay
  •  Intervenes on high risk patients before they leave the hospital
  •  Continually improves the efficacy of their interventions over time

Speaker:  Jean Wright, MD MBA, Chief Innovation Officer, of Carolinas Healthcare System

LIVE SESSION: Real-world Predictive Analytics with PowerBI and Predixion Software

Date:  Thursday, August 21, 2014  (~75 mins) 


Summary:  You will learn how the Excel-add in Predixion works with the PowerBI stack to provide powerful machine-learning tools for analysts. The PowerBI data gateway (Eldorado) will also be demonstrated in this end-to-end scenario for getting meaning from a mashup of various types of data.

You will learn:

  •  See an end-to-end scenario of behavioral data transformed into usable business insights via
  •  Power BI and Predixion Software
  •  Understand how queries can be shaped, shared, and re-used via the PowerBI gateway in Office 365
  •  Work with machine learning (data mining) algorithms via the Predixion add-in to transform external data which is combined with LOB data (stored in SQL Server)

Speaker: Lynn Langit: redheaded girl geek, linguist & data consultant Microsoft MVP SQL Server 2012, AWS, Google Cloud, Hadoop, MongoDB & co-founder of 'Teaching Kids Programming'


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