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Designed to get you up and running quickly, our Help Center and Knowledge Base covers everything from preparing data to a full rundown on Predixion Analytical Expressions Language, or PAX, our high-level expression language that lets you work with data in ways that uniquely suit your needs of predictive modeling and analytics.

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Predictive Oil Well Maintenance using Predixion's Insight™ platform

In this short video you will see how the Predixion Insight™ platform can be used to prevent unexpected oil well pump failure, which can have significant bottom line impact to businesses in oil and gas industry, as well as the environment.

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Marketing Campaign Optimization with Predictive Analytics

Watch and learn how using predictive analytics can help you uncover deeper insights into your customers. Predixion Software will help you answer key questions: "Who are my best customers?"; "Will this customer leave?"; "What do my customers want?"; "What prospects will sign-up?"

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Prescription Finder Predictive Application

Prescription Finder is a predictive application created using a combination of business intelligence and predictive technologies. This application uses actual medical data from Practice Fusion available on the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket and could be used to determine appropriate medications to prescribe given a particular diagnosis.

On-Demand Webinars
September 24, 2013: Live Twitter Event: The Accenture Analytics Journey to ROI 

At a time when only one in five companies is very satisfied with their analytics investment, we shared our issues to outcomes approach, using data, analytics, insights and actions to achieve high performance. Panelists from HP, Predixion and Revolution shared their insights on analytics with Brian McCarthy, Managing Director, Innovation for Accenture Analytics.

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September 18, 2013: Hot Technologies of 2013 with James Taylor, Robin Bloor and Predixion Software.

In this 1 hour webcast hosted by The Bloor Group, you will hear veteran analysts James Taylor and Robin Bloor as they put forth their visions for how embedded analytics can dramatically alter how modern companies operate. Predixion Software’s Mark McNally discusses how Predixion’s software can be embedded into any number of operational or analytical systems.

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September 5, 2013: "The Power of Embedded Predictive Analytics"

Host by the PDMA, the ~60mins webcast is presented by James Taylor from Decision Management Solutions and Mark McNally from Predixion Software. The in the recording, James Taylor highlights the value of predictive analytics and walks through the five steps to success for product managers when considering embedded predictive analytics. Mark McNally discusses some real-world predictive analytic examples and highlights Predixion’s platform and solutions for supporting embedded predictive analytic OEM programs.

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May 14, 2013: Introducing the Predixion Marketplace

In this 1 hour demonstration Bogdan Crivat, VP of Engineering for Predixion Software, steps through the process of creating a predictive application for publishing in the Predixion Marketplace.

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Training Videos & Tutorials
Installing Predixion Insight™ 3.2

Watch before downloading on-premises Predixion Insight™ 3.2. The short video outlines the easy install process for 3.2, the latest release of Predixion Insight™ with full functional integration of Open Source R.

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Upgrading to Predixion Insight™ 3.2

If using on-premises Predixion Insight™ 3.1, watch short video outlining the easy upgrade process to access 3.2, the latest release of Predixion Insight™ with full functional integration of Open Source R.

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Predixion Insight™ 3.2 - Using R

Watch to review one of the biggest new features in Predixion Insight™ 3.2 - the Predixion-to-R bridge that enables you to use the R analytic engine with Predixion Insight™.

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Introduction to Insight Now™ Ribbon

Watch our introduction to Predixion Software's cloud-based predictive analytics solution focused on the "Insight Now" Ribbon.

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